King's Tots.

Welcome back to King’s Tots! We are so excited that after so many months we are able to open our doors and welcome you back. We know that preschool children and their caregivers are looking for ways that they can get out and socialise in a safe way, and we have been working hard to provide a safe and fun setting for you all.

The current restrictions mean that King’s Tots will look quite different from before, but you can still expect the same friendly welcome and fun toys for your little ones to enjoy. So here’s how things will work:

• You’ll need to book online before the event at

• We ask that adults please where a face covering unless you are exempt from doing so, all of our team will be wearing face shields.

• The room will be set up with a number of play zones, each at least 2m from any other play zone. A member of the team will take you to your designated play zone once you have registered.

• We are currently unable to provide fabric baby mats as these are difficult for us to clean between sessions. If you would like something soft for your little one to sit or lie on, please bring this with you.

• There will be a box containing a range of toys in your play zone and we will aim to give you a play zone that is most appropriate for the age of your children.

• As far as possible, please remain in your play zone during your visit.

• Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refreshments at this time, but you are welcome to bring your own.

• There will be both toileting and baby changing facilities available, as we recognise that they will be needed! However, we ask that the use of these is kept to a minimum, and if possible ask you and your children to use you facilities at home before arriving.

• At the end of your time with us, please return all your toys to the box and replace the lid. The box will then be cleaned, and quarantined until the following week.

• You’ll then leave through the fire exit at the opposite end of the hall to the one you arrived from.

We also want to remind you that if you are showing any COVID19 symptoms then we ask that you don’t attend until you have had a negative test or have isolated in accordance with government guidelines. Although we have tried hard to reduce the risk of COVID19 we aren’t able to remove it (we wish we could!) that means that if you have been/are shielding or fall into one of the high risk groups we would ask you to consider the measures that we have in place carefully before deciding to attend.

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